Unlocking Potential Through Innovation

Skillocity’s approach to engineering and project consultation is anything but typical, because client problems are seldom predictable. Our engineers, project managers and problem solvers who see unusual project challenges as opportunities to innovate

Skillocity engineers’ solutions for the mining, minerals processing and industrial environments, turning client ideas into successful projects through: conceptual and feasibility studies

Plant design and implementation / engineering; Project management and project control systems and Construction and execution management We do this by unleashing our key differentiators, these are: innovative thinking, passion for quality and service and our knowledge base – manifest in our experienced engineers, project managers, skilled designers and technical experts. Clients receive a full range of capability in a single dedicated team that is committed to utilizing available opportunities and expertise to unlock potential and add value

A Dynamic Innovative Approach

Skillocity brings experience and fresh thinking to each project challenge. These are the qualities that set us apart:

Engineering first

We engineer the technical solution first, ensure it is executable, then deploy project management to guide it Close client engagement

Our senior staff consult at the strategic and operational level and remain personally engaged from conceptual stage to handover

Comprehensive resourcing

Skilled resources may be scarce, but we access our network of professionals to deliver the specialist skills the project requires

Inherent industry understanding

Our knowledge and experience enhances the quality and accuracy of each study phase: the key to getting it right first-time

Customised solutions

One size does not fit all – each client deserves a unique solution structured to specific needs ‘Big picture’ view Throughout our involvement, we focus on the desired outcome regardless of where in the process our service is required

Quality over quantity

Appointing quality people and deploying effective systems allows us to do more with less. Quality is intrinsic in our end-product, our solutions and in all that we do Flexible project execution We review each project phase to improve the understanding of the specific solution required. If a change is necessary, we adapt accordingly to ensure a successful outcome

Building long-term relationships

Our close client relationships extend beyond project handover; we remain mindful of their future needs and the role we can play in meeting them

Sustainable project development

A continuous commitment to protection of the environment and sustainable project development

 1. Conceptual study

Exploring an idea An investment concept is proposed. Basic testing and investigation develops the concept into a potential opportunity. Preliminary engineering tells us if there is a case for further development

2. Pre-Feasibility Study

Developing the investment opportunity, The proposed investment opportunity takes shape as we define and analyze its potential. A full comparative evaluation is made of the available options, giving rise to one preferred option. This phase requires basic engineering and defining of deliverables

3.  Feasibility Study

Demonstrating viability We build a business case around the preferred option, proving its technical and economic viability. A risk profile determines if there is sufficient confidence to proceed to execution. A go / no-go decision is made. Our expertise in detailed engineering and defining of deliverables is applied here to guide decision making

4. Project Execution

Managing, directing, delivering Set-up and mobilization Following approval for the project to proceed, we facilitate project execution planning, scheduling and resourcing in preparation for implementation. We invest the appropriate amount of time in establishing the processes, procedures and project controls that will be critical to effective management at implementation


The focus moves from planning, to action, through detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, culminating in handover of the facility Start-up of operations The appropriate resource capacity is put in place for production ramp-up and effective operation of the facility

Post-investment review

After handover, the project key performance indicators are reviewed from the perspective of return on investment and strategic objectives