ESG & Business Sustainability Training

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Training partnership with

Rho Impact is a company based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. and is engaged in The Art and Science of ESG Services.




ESG Training Onboarding & Pre-work
  • Introduction to ESG
  • ESG and x Industry Case Studies
  • ESG Maturity Assessment
ESG Topics & Concepts Series
  • ESG Integration & Financial Analysis
  • Climate Risk Management & Carbon Markets
  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Capital Management
ESG implementation series
  • Conducting a Materiality Assessment
  • Developing and Implementing ESG Policies
  • Creating an internal ESG Management Structure
  • ESG Strategic Planning
  • Green House Gas Accounting
  • ESG Disclosure and Reporting
Climate Finance and Sustainability – Specialized Training Program on carbon management and sustainable finance
  • Business Environment & Strategy
  • Introduction to Alternative Finance
  • Climate Change Finance and Investment
  • Carbon Pricing, Trading, and Markets
  • Introduction to Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainable Reporting and Disclosure Practices
  • Machine Learning for Climate and Carbon Finance
  • Green Bonds – Pricing and Valuations
  • Financial Modelling to Clean Energy Products
  • Data Analysis in R and Python relevant to climate finance


Learning Outcome

Analyze and Evaluate Sustainable Business Models: Participants will critically assess existing sustainable models, identifying improvement opportunities across environmental, social, and economic factors

Develop Innovative Sustainable Solutions: Attendees will acquire skills to creatively develop sustainable products, services, and business strategies meeting evolving market demands

Integrate Sustainability Across the Value Chain: Learners will systematically integrate sustainability principles into functions such as supply chain management, operations, and marketing

Communicate ESG Performance Effectively: Participants will learn to transparently measure and report ESG performance, enhancing organizational reputation and stakeholder trust

Implement Resilient Supply Chain Strategies: Business leaders will gain knowledge to design and manage resilient supply chains prioritizing environmental and social impact, ensuring business continuity

Create a Culture of Sustainability: Attendees will be equipped to cultivate a sustainability culture, encouraging employee engagement, innovation, and a shared commitment to responsible practices

Craft a Comprehensive Sustainability Roadmap: Learners will collaboratively develop customized sustainability roadmaps, outlining actionable steps to achieve measurable goals and drive positive impact

Foster Sustainable Leadership: Participants will learn how to foster a shared sense of corporate purpose embedded in sustainability


Accounting and Disclosures for Climate Change ~ Ind AS and BRSR (ESG)

As per SEBI, the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) is applicable to the top listed entities (by market capitalization), on a mandatory basis from FY 2022 – 23. Also, the requirements of Sections 129, 133, 143, and 135 (CSR compliances) of the Companies Act, 2013

Implementation of COP26 and COP27 commitments

At COP27, parties decided to define a framework to measure the goal & achievement and enable reviews of progress over the next year.

Our Experts will help to train with ground-level Implementation along with the stakeholders